September 29, 2016

Shopping Mall Expansion with smart connections

Last week I visited Peikko’s operations in UAE, namely our factory in Ras Al Khaimah, about one hour drive from Dubai International Airport.

After our own factory tour I also took a short look on the shopping mall extension project in Ras Al Khaimah. To cut the building time and to ease the assembly work, Peikko’s column connections (column shoes & anchor bolts) were used in this project. Nice project going on!



September 15, 2016

FIFA World Cup 2018 - with Peikko's JENKA PSA system

Volgograd stadium

In a city of Volgograd, formerly named as Stalingrad, there is a soccer stadium under construction. In the above picture, taken from the WWII memorial, you can see the stadium well on its way.

The stadium seats are made of concrete and they have been attached to the stadium frame with Peikko's JENKA PSA anchors. Just like the stadiums in Kaliningrad, three stadiums in Moscow, Volgograd, Saransk and Rostov.

Rostov Stadium

Stadiums are getting ready for soccer fans!

September 13, 2016

Väre - The university campus made with the world-class structure

I had a great opportunity to visit an university campus building site last week in Espoo, near Helsinki, Finland.
The building site was very clean and tidy, despite the fact that the structure was very, very complex. The frame structure of this campus building was done with precast columns, hollow-cores and Peikko's DELTABEAM.
Please see below part of a layout drawing, where the green lines represent the Deltabeams, supporting the hollowcores. Very demanding structure, but still done efficiently with precast! Fantastic design!

More info on Väre campus you may see at