September 22, 2015

Superior fastening plates from Peikko: WELDA®

An old product can be reinvented: with new production technology, new product tests and new design calculations. 

Peikko's new WELDA® fastening plate series are superior because

1. Resistances have increased by 115%

2. Plate size can be better optimized to design loads

3. Product weight has reduced by 10%

4. Free assembly area increased by 10%

5. Wider standard product range

6. Easier to find a place within reinforcement

And did I mention that Peikko WELDA® can be easily calculated by using Peikko Designer software?

Product availability: NOW 

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September 14, 2015

LIDL trusts Peikko's flooring systems in Slovakia

The German retailer giant LIDL is building a new 50.000 m2 warehouse in Sered, Slovakia. The project included various types of industrial floors, such as floor for two cold warehouses and one large general warehouse. Peikko provided technical solutions for each application. 

In the areas for underfloor heating Peikko's METAFORM was used - simple and cost effective system. New type of Slidejoint was especially designed for this project to be used in the main corridors. Also Peikko's TERAJOINT in various heights and also in round shapes was used in this project.

All in all, this project is a nice continuation for the similar project done for LIDL in Kaunas, Lithuania in 2014.  

September 7, 2015

Wind park in Ilmajoki, Finland

Last week I had the opportunity to visit a 17-tower wind park in Western Finland, a project built by an investor EPV with a project name Santavuori. 

There were Peikko´s foundations visible in various stages, even concreting was on-going for one foundation. Here are some photos.