July 28, 2015

Peikko PSB Punching shear reinforcement in Belarus

Sometimes you need to be very fast with deliveries, sometimes ultra fast.

Peikko Belarus is manufacturing a product range in its Fanipol workshop near Minsk and serving the local construction market. One current building were deliveries take place is a building in the outskirts of Minsk. Order received on late Thursday - manufacturing and delivery on Friday morning.  

July 24, 2015

Beautiful radar tower in Paris, France

There will be a new technical radar system for the Orly Airport in Paris, France.

Based on the work of Barthelemy-Grino architects and TESS engineering office, the work will be a beautiful one. 
The project consists of a construction of a tower of 12 levels with 28 precast columns per level. The columns are not identical as 7 types of column had been drawn by the architects. For the projects Peikko´s HPKM column shoes and HPM anchor bolts were successfully used. 
Nice French architecture, with reliable connections from Peikko!

July 21, 2015

Dubai Central Laboratory Approval for Deltabeam

Technical approvals are a must in the construction industry in many product categories. Products must be safe to use but also ensure a safe building in the years to come. 

Today Peikko is proud to tell that we have another approval for our Deltabeam composite beam - a Certificate of Technical Approval from the Dubai Central Laboratory.

The required tests were done successfully in the American University in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.  

July 16, 2015

The importance of smart structural design - want to use 50 kg or 15 kg rebar steel per m2?

Peikko is co-operating with various structural design companies around the world. It always impresses me that smart structural design can really save money for the end-client. 

This week I had the opportunity to meet a company ELTICON, a company based in Belarus but operating also in Russia and Kazakhstan. 

It is fascinating to understand that the former Soviet type of precast construction had some 30-70 kg of steel per every m2 in the structure, but now with the modern design methods and connections the weight per m2 is merely 12-20 kg/m2, depending on the height of the building, soil conditions etc. 

And nice of course that Peikko´s connections are very much in use for the modern designs - column connections, wire loops etc. 

Talking about productivity improvement, this is something !

July 13, 2015

Expansion of Peikko office - with Deltabeams


Only seldom can our company employees see a construction site so near and so often, but now they can. Some of us Peikko´s can see the building site even every minute, as Peikko is building a new 1000 m2 office expansion in Lahti, Finland. 

The purpose is to bring more people in the same offices to boost efficiency, as well as provide improved rooms for customers and co-operation partners. 

And of course, this high quality office building will be done with Deltabeams.