April 27, 2015

High quality arenas – made with precast & with Peikko´s column connection

Over the years Peikko has participated in the construction of tens of different kind of sports arena projects. The latest example is an arena in Vienna, Austria – under construction at the moment.

The “Allianz Stadion Vienna” will hold up major soccer events in the future, and the concrete precast structures were proven to be the best system to build it. Peikko´s column connections made the precast construction faster and with improved tolerances compared to other solutions.

For the sake of sport – Peikko´s column shoes and bolts! 

April 22, 2015

A new pyramid built with Deltabeams

SE Banken, one of the largest banks of Scandinavia, is building a new head office in Stockholm, Sweden. The project name is “Pyramiderna”, pyramids. Peikko is proud to deliver more than 9 kilometers of Deltabeams and hundreds of composite columns to the building site. The project takes about a year and there will be a truckload of materials arriving every week to the building site. Peikko has also certain design responsibilities, done by Tekla 3D design tool.

In ancient Egypt the pyramids were built by stones, the pyramids of today are made by Peikko´s Deltabeams!  

Building site logistics - ON the river

During the Easter time I visited Belgium and saw a nice set-up how precast elements were waiting to be installed. In the city of Gent there were various small rivers going through the city centre, and one of the river was used for extra storing. Clever!