March 30, 2015

Balconies, balconies

Some weeks back I visited sunny St.Petersburg in Russia and also saw a nice construction project, project Tapiola made by a company Lemminkäinen.

What I liked about the project was how the building facade fitted well into the near-by architecture, but also how professional were the balconies of each apartment.

With Peikko´s cantilever balcony connector there was no need balcony slabs for support underneath, and with the insulation in the connector the cold-bridge was non-existing providing also high quality living experience - without a wind blowing inside the apartment during winter time.

A beautiful project with perfect quality - in a beautiful city - no wonder the apartments have sold well despite the hard times in Russia.

March 22, 2015

The ultimate office space with Deltabeams

One can construct an office frame easily and fast with Deltabeams & hollow-cores, or one can use hundreds of supports/propping and make it more difficult. The Ultimate Business Garden of PEAB was luckily done by using Deltabeams. 

The project located in Helsinki, Finland, will be an office of the Danish service giant ISS and the Swedish construction company PEAB, to be taken into use at the beginning of 2016. 

The below pictures I took about a week ago when I visited the site with Peikko´s two new Board of Director members. During our tour we also saw three other Deltabeam building sites in Helsinki area from our car as well as one building site done with in-situ concrete, with a lot or propping and only 7-meter spans between the columns. One can see the difference already from distance!  

March 8, 2015

German autobahns, build fast

I had the opportunity in February to visit Southern Germany, this time due to the ULM Betontage event, an annual concrete association seminar and exhibition.

The stories or the experiences from the most effective building site I did not get from the seminar itself, but by observing the highway construction between Munich – Ulm and back.
All highway bridges were done by using prefabricated structures – and it looks like using almost no time at all. Moreover, the bridge constructions caused very limited harm for the on-going traffic, a value that is really important.

Want to see efficient road construction, please go and visit Germany!