January 21, 2015

Residential projects in Russia - Size Matters

I was in January asked to give a lecture to a group of university students, with the subject of Construction Materials Business in Russia. The first thing to my mind was – SIZE MATTERS.

The typical residential projects in Russia are huge in any Western European or American standards, similar kind of cases one can only see in Asia.

Please have a look at models of two projects in the South-West of Russia, including schools, kindergartens, parking houses etc. We are not talking about several houses build at the same time, but tens of high-rise buildings developed simultaneously. Project Manager has certainly some responsibility here :-)

And naturally Peikko´s PD-ties, JENKA  lifting systems, fastening plates and PVL wire-loops will be used.

January 12, 2015

Heavy winds at Puuska

Peikko delivered to a project of Rajakiiri/Puuska 2 in Tornio, Finland a total of 5 foundations. Another successful wind foundation project, with all components delivered according to the promise.

There were three foundation types; A11 (500kPa), A10,12,13 (250kpa) and A9 (300kPa). The delivery content was Mould, Modix center anchor, Anchor cage, Modix bars, PSB, spacer + common reinforcement + assembly work and concreting on site.
1. Ground levelling works done - first foundation ready for reinforcment works.  
2. Reinforcment ready for concreting
. Foundation concreted and covered. The covering was used for 3 weeks due to weather, but also to secure good hardering of the concrete.

4. Foundation ready for tower assembly.







January 8, 2015

Happy New Year from Lahti !

Next to the railway station of the Finnish city of Lahti, there is a nice office complex under construction. Peikko´s client YIT selected Peikko´s Deltabeams and composite columns for the project. And this is how the frame looks like around 9.30 AM yesterday - the sun was barely up at that moment.

All the best for the New Year from the chilly and white Lahti (with some more snow that came down today) !