December 30, 2015

Connections for heavy structures - BECO & COPRA

Sometimes old concepts are good, better than new ones. But sometimes these old concepts needs revisions and improvements. 

Peikko's BECO Beam Shoe and COPRA Anchor Couplers
are a good example of a solid facelifts, products that have been seriously improved both in calculations (=Eurocode) and in functionality. 

For heavy industrial precast structures, BECO + COPRA are the right products!

More info on products at or at

December 6, 2015

Hundreds of good quality references - for you!

At Peikko we decided to focus put efforts on how we share our references. Therefore, we created a totally new www-site for them, 

First of all, there are HUNDREDS of references available for you. 

Secondly, the amount of pictures of the references is amazing, from architectural into very details on how Peikko's products have been used. And naturally google-links and streetviews are also available, with the right Peikko contact data. 

And thirdly, it is very easy to make searchers, such as search for offices built with Deltabeams. And when doing a search, a direct link to that search result is simultaneously created. 

And last but not least, all works nicely with pads and smart phones as well. 

November 9, 2015


Close to the Warsaw Chopin Airport there is a large office development area called Business Garden. This is a development by IKEA’s property division and constructed by Hochtief, and it is a good European example of large office place complex near an international airport.

The office complex is built by precast, with a mixture of concrete columns, beams and Deltabeams. For Peikko this was one of the largest Deltabeam projects in Poland, with multiple kilometers of beams in total.

Great to be part of this kind of development!

October 30, 2015


The project Warsaw Spire is a new 46-story building in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. The project was developed by company Ghelamco and the frame was built by a professional construction company Monting. It is to be used by companies such as SAMSUNG, which is e.g. renting 16-levels of this building.

The building is a beautiful sight itself, and naturally from the top of the building the site towards to Warsaw city is just fantastic.

The construction of the building took about two years and is about to be ready now, with tenants moving in early next year.

The foundations of the building are strong: Peikko’s PSB punching reinforcement was used in the lower levels, and enabled the cast-in-place work to be more efficient and more secure. 

October 26, 2015

Health care centre: flexible use of space through Deltabeams

In the city of Järvenpää, Finland, there is a new health care centre construction work on-going. A building company NCC is building a "Myllynkulma" complex providing various kinds of health care services for the citizens of Järvenpää.

The smart design of this building is a prime example of ultimate building frame flexibility. The frame structure is allowing all kinds of changes during the lifetime of the building, thus making sure that the building may be used efficiently in all situations. E.g. areas can be easily moved from receptional areas to standard hospital rooms, and vice versa.

See how open the levels are during time of construction - all other walls will be done by non-load-bearing light-weight walls.

And all this is possible through the use of Peikko's Deltabeams.

September 22, 2015

Superior fastening plates from Peikko: WELDA®

An old product can be reinvented: with new production technology, new product tests and new design calculations. 

Peikko's new WELDA® fastening plate series are superior because

1. Resistances have increased by 115%

2. Plate size can be better optimized to design loads

3. Product weight has reduced by 10%

4. Free assembly area increased by 10%

5. Wider standard product range

6. Easier to find a place within reinforcement

And did I mention that Peikko WELDA® can be easily calculated by using Peikko Designer software?

Product availability: NOW 

See more at 

September 14, 2015

LIDL trusts Peikko's flooring systems in Slovakia

The German retailer giant LIDL is building a new 50.000 m2 warehouse in Sered, Slovakia. The project included various types of industrial floors, such as floor for two cold warehouses and one large general warehouse. Peikko provided technical solutions for each application. 

In the areas for underfloor heating Peikko's METAFORM was used - simple and cost effective system. New type of Slidejoint was especially designed for this project to be used in the main corridors. Also Peikko's TERAJOINT in various heights and also in round shapes was used in this project.

All in all, this project is a nice continuation for the similar project done for LIDL in Kaunas, Lithuania in 2014.  

September 7, 2015

Wind park in Ilmajoki, Finland

Last week I had the opportunity to visit a 17-tower wind park in Western Finland, a project built by an investor EPV with a project name Santavuori. 

There were Peikko´s foundations visible in various stages, even concreting was on-going for one foundation. Here are some photos. 

August 19, 2015

Peikko supports Youth For Understanding

Some things may have a long impact to our lives. 

I spent a year in Dallas, Texas in 1988-1989, as an exchange student in an American family, studying as a senior in the local high school. The year changed my attitudes and my thinking, not only taught me new culture and improved my language skills. And I also got another set of father and mother for my life. 

The year was organized by an organization called Youth For Understanding. Peikko Group is currently donating money for scholarships so that also the current youngsters of Finland may be part of the exchange year experience, particularly for those aiming to spend their year in Germany. 

The need for international interaction and respect for other cultures is still there; nothing has changed. Also in business we need more and more persons that have the ability to understand beyond the words. One can learn a lot by being part of facebook- or gamegroups, however, living a year in another family in another culture is taking the learning to the other level. 

Peikko supports YFU students, and hopefully some of these students are changing the world to be a better one because of their experience. 

August 16, 2015

"Glasshouse", a residential project in Winnipeg, Canada

Glasshouse, a 21-storey residential building offering high-end condominiums in downtown Winnipeg, is on the rise. The 54 000 m2 building will naturally be constructed by using DELTABEAMS. 
Why Peikko´s DELTABEAMS? No additional fire-proofing, enables slim-floor structure....
See the fantastic areal pictures below on this project, taken last week:

July 28, 2015

Peikko PSB Punching shear reinforcement in Belarus

Sometimes you need to be very fast with deliveries, sometimes ultra fast.

Peikko Belarus is manufacturing a product range in its Fanipol workshop near Minsk and serving the local construction market. One current building were deliveries take place is a building in the outskirts of Minsk. Order received on late Thursday - manufacturing and delivery on Friday morning.  

July 24, 2015

Beautiful radar tower in Paris, France

There will be a new technical radar system for the Orly Airport in Paris, France.

Based on the work of Barthelemy-Grino architects and TESS engineering office, the work will be a beautiful one. 
The project consists of a construction of a tower of 12 levels with 28 precast columns per level. The columns are not identical as 7 types of column had been drawn by the architects. For the projects Peikko´s HPKM column shoes and HPM anchor bolts were successfully used. 
Nice French architecture, with reliable connections from Peikko!

July 21, 2015

Dubai Central Laboratory Approval for Deltabeam

Technical approvals are a must in the construction industry in many product categories. Products must be safe to use but also ensure a safe building in the years to come. 

Today Peikko is proud to tell that we have another approval for our Deltabeam composite beam - a Certificate of Technical Approval from the Dubai Central Laboratory.

The required tests were done successfully in the American University in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.  

July 16, 2015

The importance of smart structural design - want to use 50 kg or 15 kg rebar steel per m2?

Peikko is co-operating with various structural design companies around the world. It always impresses me that smart structural design can really save money for the end-client. 

This week I had the opportunity to meet a company ELTICON, a company based in Belarus but operating also in Russia and Kazakhstan. 

It is fascinating to understand that the former Soviet type of precast construction had some 30-70 kg of steel per every m2 in the structure, but now with the modern design methods and connections the weight per m2 is merely 12-20 kg/m2, depending on the height of the building, soil conditions etc. 

And nice of course that Peikko´s connections are very much in use for the modern designs - column connections, wire loops etc. 

Talking about productivity improvement, this is something !

July 13, 2015

Expansion of Peikko office - with Deltabeams


Only seldom can our company employees see a construction site so near and so often, but now they can. Some of us Peikko´s can see the building site even every minute, as Peikko is building a new 1000 m2 office expansion in Lahti, Finland. 

The purpose is to bring more people in the same offices to boost efficiency, as well as provide improved rooms for customers and co-operation partners. 

And of course, this high quality office building will be done with Deltabeams.

June 28, 2015

Saudi Arabia - here comes Deltabeam!

In May I had the opportunity to visit the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. The city was filled with people in the construction business who were busy.

A respected local construction company had decided to try out Deltabeam/hollow-core structure for their projects. And where did they try it out first? They are are building their own head-quarter office with Deltabeams.

Have a look at the above picture taken by my colleague about a week ago - construction is on-going now, also in the evenings. Beams successfully assembled and customer is satisfied.

May 6, 2015

A shopping mall in an Island

Some of my friends are living in an island of Lauttasaari (can be directly translated as "ferry-island" in English), and life there is very extraordinary. 

Even though this suburb of Helsinki, Finland, is well connected to city centre with highway bridges and soon also with subway, the people living in this area are somewhat patriotic; there are many who have lived there all their lives, and have their parents or sisters/brothers living there. This island is one distinct territory with regards to kindergartens, schools, church, sports clubs etc. 

And now the new "heart" of the island is under construction, a new 20.000 m2 building with 6000 m2 shopping area so that even for shopping the locals do not need to visit the "evil" areas outside Lauttasaari. 

The initial structural design was in-situ casting, however, the shopping mall is constructed by using Peikko´s Deltabeams and Composite Columns - also facilitating the speed of construction. 

 High quality facilities for high quality Lauttasaari people!

April 27, 2015

High quality arenas – made with precast & with Peikko´s column connection

Over the years Peikko has participated in the construction of tens of different kind of sports arena projects. The latest example is an arena in Vienna, Austria – under construction at the moment.

The “Allianz Stadion Vienna” will hold up major soccer events in the future, and the concrete precast structures were proven to be the best system to build it. Peikko´s column connections made the precast construction faster and with improved tolerances compared to other solutions.

For the sake of sport – Peikko´s column shoes and bolts!