September 29, 2014

High-quality industrial floor - with the speed of 2000 m2/ day

Some weeks back I visited a large warehouse building site in Kaunas, Lithuania. A German retail giant Lidl is building a large logistics center, where the new coming stores will supported when Lidl is starting there business there in 2016. 
Peikko´s TERAJOINT was used extensively in the building site. It was nice to see efficient laser-controlled levelling machines used and the crew of some 6 persons took care of making about 2000 m2 per day. The entire 40.000 m2 logistic center was then a job of just some 20 working days for these professionals.  

September 12, 2014

Punching Shear PSB in use in Hungary

It is always nice to see repeat customers - customer that come back to Peikko. This in essence means that the service Peikko is able to provide actually has a meaning, even so much that the customer in fact came back to buy more of  our products and services.

In Budapest I saw both ready-made and in-process office buildings where Peikko´s PSB Punching Shear Reinforcement had been used. The high-quality cast-in-place buildings were build in the Pest-side of Budapest. And with the help of Peikko´s PSB the thickness of the floor-slabs were able to be thinner, and building site was able to proceed faster.
Budapest is a nice city, and will be even nicer in the future!

September 10, 2014

Fighting for the right quality of column shoes

Life of making fake products must be interesting. Otherwise there would not be so many companies in that business.

Peikko is currently involved in a court case where a company has copied its column shoe products. Products look the same as Peikko´s ETA approved HPKM column shoes, they are told to be the same, they are called not HPKM but HLKM...and hardly anybody at the building site even knows the used column shoes are NOT from Peikko.

What happens if a new building will collapse? Whose responsibilty would it be? Peikko´s ?

I trust that the right decisions will be made in the below court house in Pecs, Hungary.