August 27, 2014

Precast walls in Russia - with Peikko connections

It looks like so that there will be shift from cast-in-place to precast in Russia, coming more faster than one did think.
I still saw last week many traditional building sites for residential construction, just like in below. In order to make a cast in-place wall structure the crane movements are e.g. the following:
1. lift the reinforcement bars in
2. lift the mold on the left side in
3. lift the mold on the right side in
4. lift the concrete in
5. lift the mold on the left side out
6. lift the mold ont the right side out.
Total of 6 crane movements per wall.  
Traditional cast-in-place building site.

For precast buildings, it is not very difficult to calculate the crane movements.

1. lift the precast panel in

Total of 1 crane movements per wall.

Precast building site - still cranes needed, but goes much faster
Precast walls - faster construction. Time is also money in Russia !

August 22, 2014

A brand new hospital concept in Denmark - and Deltabeams are part of it

Peikko's Deltabeams will be used in Denmark in a brand new hospital concept. The new hospital in the western part of Central Denmark Region (DNV-Goedstrup) will be an emergency hospital with a pooling of psychiatric functions and services.

The first phase will be contructed now, and the total area of the hospital will be around 130.000 m2 when everything is ready. Although mostly in Danish language, have a look at the hospital www-site at A totally something new will be built, a Super Hospital.

We are extremely proud that Peikko can be involved in this project !

August 20, 2014

The new, hard-working Peikko unit in Germany

The discussions started in summer 2013, with Peikko approaching a German company KHK. The bottleneck of Peikko was certain key production capacity and there were at the time no physical space, nor the required know-how to run the these capacity investments in Peikko´s location in Germany.
And then, in May 2014, KHK became part of Peikko.
What has changed in a tiny city of Brotterode, in Thüringer Forest area of Germany,  other than new Peikko logo outside the factory building?
Several new workers hired, new machinery purchases on-going, a lot of orders waiting to be delivered. A factory which used to make 2 shifts is now working day and night, serving the customers all around Germany.
It is nice to see a dedicated team, so busy with actions!  

August 11, 2014

Even the cows love column shoes

I had an opportunity to visit a farm in Eastern Finland during my vacation - the farm was owned by a relative of my wife. Not only was it nice for me who had seen a farm last time in 80s, but also as a teaching lesson for my kids the visit was very important.  
The amazing thing was the cleanness and efficiency of the farm. The place was like a small clean factory where all the things were on their places. The core of the operation was a milking robot, automatically milking the cows. And the computer operating system was for sure as effective as the one used at Peikko - predicting precisely what a particular cow might milk this time.
The new building for the cows had been built only recently, and I was happy to see that Peikko´s column shoes and anchor bolts had been used for the precast beams and columns, supporting the whole building.
Now our whole family knows where the milk they drink is coming from...and again another application where Peikko´s items are used.