November 12, 2014

Office building in Helsinki - with Deltabeams

I visited a building site in Pasila, Helsinki with some Asian guests on Monday.  Construction company Lemminkäinen got applauses for their work - the site was tidy and well organized.
Three 7-floor office towers under work, only some 60 persons working at the building site. And the whole project finished within 1.5 years. Amazing speed, with amazing skill. And of course all this with precast floor slabs, precast wall panels, Peikko´s Deltabeams and composite columns. 

November 1, 2014

Efficient construction in Al Khobar

No, Saudi Arabia is not a merely a low-efficiency, dirty cast-in-place market. Also precast has its place, and is growing.

I had an opportunity to visit “Al Rashid Abetong” job site, which was clean and efficient in all respects. The material stock of the job site was almost non-existent, the elements were brought in just on time.  These three residential towers and a hotel was under construction in Al Khobar, Eastern province of Saudi Arabia with an impressive speed of whole frame up within 22 months.
For me of course the nicest thing was to see the various Peikko items used in the job site. Glad to have Peikko components in such a speedy and quality focused building site!

Three apartment towers erected, now the hotel is on the way

Column under installation

12 Peikko column shoes per column

Wall shoes at the bottom of the wall element

October 21, 2014

It is all about experience

Last week it was a unique opportunity for me to meet a nice group of people. We had an on boarding program in Finland called "Peikko Experience", where about 40 Peikko employees from all over the world gathered together to learn more about their company, customers and products.
Yes, it is quite much - we have recruited about 40 new white-collar persons during the past year. Luckily there were also some previous recruits with us that had a bit more experience but wanted to participate in the program. The participants were e.g from Austria, Russia, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Canada, China, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Greece, UK and even as far away as from Finland!  
Good three days, nice to meet the future managers of Peikko already today!


September 29, 2014

High-quality industrial floor - with the speed of 2000 m2/ day

Some weeks back I visited a large warehouse building site in Kaunas, Lithuania. A German retail giant Lidl is building a large logistics center, where the new coming stores will supported when Lidl is starting there business there in 2016. 
Peikko´s TERAJOINT was used extensively in the building site. It was nice to see efficient laser-controlled levelling machines used and the crew of some 6 persons took care of making about 2000 m2 per day. The entire 40.000 m2 logistic center was then a job of just some 20 working days for these professionals.  

September 12, 2014

Punching Shear PSB in use in Hungary

It is always nice to see repeat customers - customer that come back to Peikko. This in essence means that the service Peikko is able to provide actually has a meaning, even so much that the customer in fact came back to buy more of  our products and services.

In Budapest I saw both ready-made and in-process office buildings where Peikko´s PSB Punching Shear Reinforcement had been used. The high-quality cast-in-place buildings were build in the Pest-side of Budapest. And with the help of Peikko´s PSB the thickness of the floor-slabs were able to be thinner, and building site was able to proceed faster.
Budapest is a nice city, and will be even nicer in the future!

September 10, 2014

Fighting for the right quality of column shoes

Life of making fake products must be interesting. Otherwise there would not be so many companies in that business.

Peikko is currently involved in a court case where a company has copied its column shoe products. Products look the same as Peikko´s ETA approved HPKM column shoes, they are told to be the same, they are called not HPKM but HLKM...and hardly anybody at the building site even knows the used column shoes are NOT from Peikko.

What happens if a new building will collapse? Whose responsibilty would it be? Peikko´s ?

I trust that the right decisions will be made in the below court house in Pecs, Hungary.

August 27, 2014

Precast walls in Russia - with Peikko connections

It looks like so that there will be shift from cast-in-place to precast in Russia, coming more faster than one did think.
I still saw last week many traditional building sites for residential construction, just like in below. In order to make a cast in-place wall structure the crane movements are e.g. the following:
1. lift the reinforcement bars in
2. lift the mold on the left side in
3. lift the mold on the right side in
4. lift the concrete in
5. lift the mold on the left side out
6. lift the mold ont the right side out.
Total of 6 crane movements per wall.  
Traditional cast-in-place building site.

For precast buildings, it is not very difficult to calculate the crane movements.

1. lift the precast panel in

Total of 1 crane movements per wall.

Precast building site - still cranes needed, but goes much faster
Precast walls - faster construction. Time is also money in Russia !

August 22, 2014

A brand new hospital concept in Denmark - and Deltabeams are part of it

Peikko's Deltabeams will be used in Denmark in a brand new hospital concept. The new hospital in the western part of Central Denmark Region (DNV-Goedstrup) will be an emergency hospital with a pooling of psychiatric functions and services.

The first phase will be contructed now, and the total area of the hospital will be around 130.000 m2 when everything is ready. Although mostly in Danish language, have a look at the hospital www-site at A totally something new will be built, a Super Hospital.

We are extremely proud that Peikko can be involved in this project !

August 20, 2014

The new, hard-working Peikko unit in Germany

The discussions started in summer 2013, with Peikko approaching a German company KHK. The bottleneck of Peikko was certain key production capacity and there were at the time no physical space, nor the required know-how to run the these capacity investments in Peikko´s location in Germany.
And then, in May 2014, KHK became part of Peikko.
What has changed in a tiny city of Brotterode, in Thüringer Forest area of Germany,  other than new Peikko logo outside the factory building?
Several new workers hired, new machinery purchases on-going, a lot of orders waiting to be delivered. A factory which used to make 2 shifts is now working day and night, serving the customers all around Germany.
It is nice to see a dedicated team, so busy with actions!  

August 11, 2014

Even the cows love column shoes

I had an opportunity to visit a farm in Eastern Finland during my vacation - the farm was owned by a relative of my wife. Not only was it nice for me who had seen a farm last time in 80s, but also as a teaching lesson for my kids the visit was very important.  
The amazing thing was the cleanness and efficiency of the farm. The place was like a small clean factory where all the things were on their places. The core of the operation was a milking robot, automatically milking the cows. And the computer operating system was for sure as effective as the one used at Peikko - predicting precisely what a particular cow might milk this time.
The new building for the cows had been built only recently, and I was happy to see that Peikko´s column shoes and anchor bolts had been used for the precast beams and columns, supporting the whole building.
Now our whole family knows where the milk they drink is coming from...and again another application where Peikko´s items are used. 

July 24, 2014

Precasting in India - with Peikko´s column shoes

Dr. Oetker, a German company specializing food, made a new production facility in India. The building was constructed by Peikko´s column shoes and anchor bolts.
The Peikko connection technology has arrived to India !


The local construction magazine "The Masterbuilder" also had an Peikko advertisement. In a very shy and modest way we state that "The best and fastest precast column connection arrived to India".

But why to be modest if this is the truth ? :-)

July 18, 2014

Aloha, Deltabeam !

Peikko USA inc. received a large order from Hawaii. Yes, not very near, but from Hawaii. 

Peikko’s Deltabeam was chosen by GPRM Group as main component for a mixed-used 8 storey high structure in Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii.

The structure consists of a parking area, 2 storeys of retail and 5 storeys of condominiums. Deltabeam is used in conjunction with hollow core slabs and pre-cast concrete columns. The delivery was approximately 1.0 km of 8’’ high Deltabeams and also various precast connections items.
At Peikko there were many project managers volunteering for the site visit ! 

Deltabeams stored in a special trailer

June 28, 2014

The Texas car park connections - with PC Corbel


In Dallas, Texas I visited a nice car park concept, where the frame structure was a precast columns and beams used in combination with post-tensioning slabs.
The contractor of the site was a very effective one, preparing a new parking garage for the visitors of the Dallas Arboretum.
What was nice from my point of view was the effective and efficient use of column shoes and bolts, and also hidden corbels - Peikko´s PC Corbel.
The speed of the construction site was really good - the job had merely started in May when I was there and somewhere in August the cars would already flow in filled with tourists visiting the arboretum.  
Precast can be fast !

June 6, 2014

Nice living in nice living rooms - Luxenbourg

Logisbourg, a developer of Quebec City, Canada, wanted to do something different. It wanted to build an apartment building with special features, characteristics that make good financial sense. The solution was a building frame with Deltabeams and hollow-core floor slabs.

What was so different?
First of all, the living room area was able to be much more spacious/was build like an open concept: the Deltabeam  plus hollowcore did not limit the spans.  The Deltabeams used had a span of 7 meters and hollowcore 11 meters.  The use of load-bearing walls would have had many limitations, particularly in the living room area - the feeling of the space for the users is definitely there.  

Secondly, the building was constructed in no time at all. One level was up within 6 days. The fastest levels were up in merely 3 days !
Thirdly, as there are no load-bearing walls, just beams and columns, the developer can any time make any lay-out modifications to the building. There are many things that can happen in the next 50 years, and the frame is ready for any kind of new challenge - e.g. change of the individual apartment layouts or even sizes is relatively easy.

And last but not least, the architect was happy for all the freedom the structure gave. Not to bother with walls was good for him!

After all, to select Deltabeam made a good financial sense: the end-users like the apartments even more, and are naturally also willing to pay more rent for them. 

May 27, 2014

Car parks vs. car parks. Deltabeam is a solution.

This is a picture taken by my colleague in Beverly Hills, California, next to Macy´s department store. Build very recently.  

These are the pictures I took 2 weeks ago from London, Ontario, a car park made by Deltabeams, located next to a high-rise residential building. Build very recently.

If you were an investor, which one would you choose to attract your customers?

Note: In the above picture, construction time most likely to be longer, floor height higher. Costs between the two are not greatly different.

May 20, 2014

High-rise precasting near Toronto, Canada

It was a great pleasure for me to visit a customer and a co-operation partner of "Stubbe´s Precast" the other day. Located near Toronto, Canada the company is a good example of a well-managed, independent and family-owned precast operation.
The goal to increase the customer benefits was visible in all the discussions I took part in, whether the discussion was about design systems, manufacturing machinery, detailed technologies of individual products or some other changes. And a lot was on-going at Stubbe´s.
I was also impressed about the quality of exterior wall surfaces. None of the individual applications was rocket science itself, again, I have seldom seen so many different applications in one factory premises. Impressive!
All in all, I am proud that Peikko can do co-operation with Stubbe´s, also with Deltabeams. 
Efficient factory in the countryside, plenty of space to grow.

These look tiles, however, they are not tiles.

Bill Stubbe, in front of a element.
The pattern looks like stones, again, they are not stones.

May 2, 2014

Peikko connections – for the pure amusement

One of the oddest projects during last winter months for Peikko´s wind turbine foundation team was a special project in the amusement park of Linnanmäki in Helsinki.

The project itself was small, however, difficult in communication, time table and technical application. After all, the project was done and customer requirements were met.
What was the project about? A new 75 meter machine to take people up and then to release people down with extreme speed, up to 23 m/s. This new ride called the “KINGI” should be the hit of the season.

And what did Peikko do exactly? Provided the foundation of this KINGI: design, anchoring system etc. Our wind turbine foundation team worked on the project exactly similar to normal wind turbine foundation, again, the usage was not to make energy this time. Or maybe the rides will, after all, produce a lot of positive energy for the persons taking them, who knows?

April 15, 2014

TERA Joint goes to China

High quality storage buildings require excellent floors, regardless of the country.
A flooring designer and contractor selected Peikko´s TERA Joints for a project of a cold store for end-customer Swire Cold Chain Logistics CO., Ltd, located in the city of Langfang about 70 kilometers from city of Beijing. The Size of the cold store is 20 000 square meters and project consisted of some 0.6 km of hot-dip galvanized TERA Jointsfloor joints. Not a very large project on Peikko´s measurement, but first and important one for this Chinese customer.

Why did the customer select Peikko? Peikko made a floor joint layout proposal to avoid joint opening beyond practical limits caused by the low operational temperatures as well as load transfer capacity comparison of the original design and Peikko solution. A technical proposal that works.

I am happy about the success of TERA Joint in China, more project starts are just around the corner.

March 25, 2014

Cast-In Place the Latin American way

I was last week in one Latin American larger city watching the building site next to my hotel. There were several building sites on-going in the neighborhood and certainly precast solutions were NOT used in one of them.
I counted a total of 23 workers working in the city center of this large city, working on one floor slab in one of the first floors of the building. The workers were like ants going around this cast-in-place/ in-situ floor slab, and during the week I stayed in the city I saw no casting of concrete; just endless reinforcement works. 

My estimate is that it would take minimum 25 weeks for this crew to finish the frame of one floor in this building. When the total will be around 30-40 levels high at the end of the day it takes some 30-40 weeks more assembly time compared to pre-cast alternative. Why could hollow-core floor blanks not be used, with an assembly team of some 5 persons involved, with one floor up within 1 week?  I became to wonder whether the factor of time was not a part of the exel-sheet of the investor of this building.

It is amazing to see the efficiencies and the inefficiencies in the construction sites around the world. Labor is nowhere cheap anymore, neither is time.  What is wrong with this industry when it is using always the method of "how we have always done"?

March 4, 2014

Peikko NIRO - efficient balcony connection in Russia

Peikko recently announced a project in St.Petersburg, with more than three kilometers of insulated balcony connections. Goodbye cold bridges and cool bursts of air during winter in the floors near balconies!
Some weeks back I was happy to visit one of the precasters which were making the balcony elements for this particular project. Feedback was positive, the product made by Peikko Russia factory was production friendly at the precasters premises.
Way to go, our dear end-customer of Lemminkäinen, in the effort to fundamentally change the building culture of St.Petersburg ! 

February 25, 2014

Concrete Days in Concrete Surroundings

Last week took place the annual contruction event, the Ulm Betontage in Southern Germany.
These "Concrete Days" of Germany bring together researchers, precasters, various kinds of suppliers etc. The professional seminars combined with an efficient industry-specific expo seems to work very well: every year the key persons from the German industry are participating.
Sunny & warm Ulm was a nice place to have the event, however, when looking at the congress place and the old "concrete architecture", one could not pick up a worse place to meet.  How really poor looking facades this conference center with concrete blocks had: dirty facade with element partititions really bad looking. I am sorry but not the most favorite advertisement for the industry.
Are the pictures below presenting the forward and modern look of precast element industry ?

February 7, 2014

Deltabeam goes to Mexico

When one of the biggest contractors ICA and its precast unit PRET wanted to provide an efficient building frame solution for a larger retail chain of COPPEL, which product did they chose to work with? Peikko´s Deltabeams and precast connections, such as column shoes and lifting anchors.

The first project was finalized just recently. When before the company was assembling about 4 columns per day, now they did assembly more than 20 columns in one single day. And not to mention the benefits linked with Deltabeams.

The project, done day and night, was proven to be a success.