November 14, 2013

TERA Joint paves the way for the President

A new factory opening is an everyday event, and this one happened in Russia last summer. 
A company Almaz Antey opened a new factory, with the Russian President present at the opening ceremonies.

What has Peikko to do with this? Because Peikko delivered more than 2.5 km of TERA Joint for the project, also, most columns are standing with Peikko´s column shoes firmly in its place.

Nice floor, even for the President to walk :-)

November 1, 2013

Deltabeam works with Filigrans !

Some weeks back I had the opportunity to visit a building site in Central Europe. This commercial building site was in a middle of the town center, and the height of the building was clearly restricted, although all moder HVAC technology was also very much in need.

In order to solve the challenge the structural engineer selected Deltabeam, a product that was able to reduce a lot of extra space otherwise required in the building if built with other technologies.
Local builders were very familiar with cost-effective Filigran floor slabs, so these were used in this project. The project seems to be going nicely forward and the target has been achieved.

Deltabeam provides advantages – and works also well with Filigran floor slabs.