September 21, 2013

Story of Peikko - how history can explain the future

Last year, we worked on a fun project at Peikko – we participated in the making of a movie called the “Story of Peikko”. This 17-minute movie was prepared for our employees, customers and partners. Film is usually a powerful visual tool to tell a story, and we thought this could work well also at Peikko.  

The process of making the movie was exciting: browsing through old brochures, pictures and films. It was amazing to realize that the issues that were important to us decades ago have remained nearly unchanged. Innovation, speedy decision making, customer relationships…all these have, and continue to be among our priorities.

It was also nice to get to interview so many people and to remind ourselves how long careers many of our team members have made at Peikko. In the movie you can see, for example, two of our former managing directors, both of whom are still working for Peikko, albeit in new roles.  And last but not least, the film also introduces to its viewers one of our most devoted employees – he started his career at Peikko in 1965 as a 15-year-old boy, and he is still working at our Finland factory.  

Peikko is today a nearly 50-year-old firm. Our ripe age, of course, does not protect us against challenges of the corporate world - these days even well-known companies are announced bankrupt every week. We have to change ourselves continuously, to keep apace with global markets and the industry, and to adapt better to our customers’ expectations.  Throughout its history, Peikko has focused on continuous change, and that is the approach that will keep the company alive also in the future.

So, please fetch yourselves a can of Coke and cone of popcorn and join us to watch the Story of Peikko. The film is available, for example, on our YouTube channel at:

September 6, 2013

Prefabricated gymnasium structures - with Peikko column shoes & bolts

Time is money. And the projects which are in hurry need special solutions. One example of a specially good solution is a precast concept to be used for gymnasium structures for high schools. The precast solution (structures casted in a factory environment, then brought to the building site) is saving time and limiting the work force near the crowded school neighborhood.
This is particularly the case if there are 65 gymnasiums to be build within a 6-month period. Yes, you read correctly, sixty-five different gymnasiums built within six months.
And naturally the precast solution is using Peikko columns shoes and anchor bolts, all secured for seismic conditions.
Where is this happening? Istanbul, Turkey. The place for great speed. Watch out the Turkish basketball team after a couple of years !!!!