February 25, 2013

Are 80.000 pieces of column shoes a lot or just something ordinary?

Once upon time during 80s Peikko developed the very first column connections for column to foundation, and we created our own word for them – columns shoes. During the last 30 or so years there have been big and small projects. The biggest projects by far have been various paper and pulp factories made from precast concrete.

The projects we have just started deliveries are massive ones when considering the amounts of parts. Even though not necessarily our biggest projects in money value, to be involved in two projects that consume 40.000 pieces of these shoes each, is significant.

But is 80.000 shoes a lot? One can make a quite a big construction project with these materials. For us at least it is – our welding robots run like maniacs at the moment in our factories J. And to be involved in these kind of large scale residential projects clearly tells that Peikko´s connection system is a competitive one.
Special note for the competitors: Sorry, cannot tell the project names and where they take place, please keep on reading Concrete Connection –magazine and you will eventually find out.

February 15, 2013

The benefits of job rotation: Finland, Slovakia, Lithuania and Gulf

I am a great believer of job rotation. I have myself had many different kinds of jobs, after some careful counting in my career within four companies I have had at least 12 different kinds of business cards. We need to put ourselves and our organization in new or revised positions - otherwise we have a great danger to get stuck.

One of the biggest changes at Peikko on-going right now is the management changes in four units. No person is leaving Peikko, but people have different tasks, in some cases even in a different country. In principle we have 6 large-scale factories at Peikko and now 4 of those will have a new captain.

In short: Group CFO will head Peikko Finland, Peikko Finland leader will lead Peikko Slovakia, Peikko Slovakia leader will lead Peikko Lithuania, Peikko Lithuania leader will lead Peikko Gulf, Peikko Gulf leader will focus on major customer development in the area.  And after all, there will be a new CFO hired soon (if you are interested, send you application fast to us!).

Some people have told me that this is crazy – I have gone nuts; this is just not going to work out. Some are nervous about the coming changes. Nevertheless, there are many in favor and are looking enthusiastic on how much better we are able to serve our customers after these changes. 

Customers in Finland, Lithuania, Slovakia and Gulf area: be aware that there are now guys at Peikko working that are very eager to impress you and guide the business to better serve you. Take the benefit of the situation!

February 7, 2013

Product life cycle of 48-years – Peikko PD-tie for sandwich wall elements

Most of us have a cellular phone, but whose phone is more than 2-year old? Ok, mine is a 4-year old Nokia. Most of us have a computer, but whose computer is more than 3-year old? Even mine is only 2-years old Lenovo. After all this new product version we are facing every single day it is just amazing to recognize that our company is currently manufacturing a similar product than we started with, a PD-tie used for sandwich wall element, already for 48 consecutive years. Can´t we just not innovative anything better or is the product just so good that there is nothing to do anymore?

Just recently we found out a residential precast building made by sandwich wall elements from 1976 that was torn down to give space for a new elderly home construction project.  We took large samples of the elements and our PD ties that had been in use for almost 40 years. And the tests done by the VTT Institute in Finland were amazing: products were as good as new one.  Wow!

Please see some pictures of below, also all kinds of tests and pictures were taking with various machines.

It is no wonder we are still keep on selling the product for sandwich element producers, even increasing the sales as we now have increased our manufacturing capacity not only in our Finland factory, but also in Russia and UAE.

The only thing I can say is…..long live the PD tie !