January 28, 2013

PeikkoDesigner® – something to be proud of!

When meeting those who make structural designs of buildings, they many times start to analyze the challenges of their business. The end-customers are pushing for pricing, even though the cost of design is a fraction of the cost of the building itself. The end-customers many times do not understand that better design can lead to huge savings in construction cost and time, despite the fact that the actual design time could be a bit longer.

On the other hand, the tools for structural designers have also improved greatly. The FEM-calculation programs, the 3D design tools and last but not least, the selection tools made by the product manufacturers have changed the business tremendously.

Peikko had some years back still very elementary calculation programs, difficult to update and mostly programmed by some one-man-companies leading to huge updating problems. It was difficult to find suitable partners, partners that both understood the world of structural design and software programming. Luckily we found a partner and started our path with PeikkoDesigner®.

This free program helps the designers to select the right product easily and fast for the object in question – e.g. the right column connections, punching reinforcement or fastening plates. The calculations are accurate, one can see everything in 3D format and last but not least, it saves the designers´ time and thus increases the productivity. The investment from Peikko´s side has been massive; however, we have a long-term commitment to serve our most important interest group.

Based on our recent survey the users are so happy that most of them have already recommended their colleagues to download the software. What a better sign of success can there be for a program?

The challenge for us is, of course, that all this good creates now a lot of pressure for us to make more improvements and to create new modules even faster. Let´s see how and when we can present more new things into the software!

January 11, 2013

Column Shoes - if for nothing else, for the sake of money

Some time ago I visited a precaster in Central Europe. I was there together with our local Sales Director and what impressed me were the persons involved in the meeting. There were people from purchasing, administration and top management present.

If a supplier comes to Peikko, how many time I am myself present in the meeting? Only for very important suppliers. And I was very honored to realize this during my meeting at this customer. In addition, the people in the meeting also had time and knew a lot about us and our products.

The customer was making huge precast columns for various large-scale industrial projects. The explained how the usage of Peikko column shoes is really helping them, in fact most columns seemed to be made by using column shoes. As the customer is also a construction company they will get all the benefits from faster and more precise assembly to themselves, not to talk about benefits at this factory I visited.

It was nice to see a satisfied customer, great to make people pleased by helping their work. These moments are the moments one remembers! And this is the value of Peikko as a company - customers that trust us.