September 15, 2016

FIFA World Cup 2018 - with Peikko's JENKA PSA system

Volgograd stadium

In a city of Volgograd, formerly named as Stalingrad, there is a soccer stadium under construction. In the above picture, taken from the WWII memorial, you can see the stadium well on its way.

The stadium seats are made of concrete and they have been attached to the stadium frame with Peikko's JENKA PSA anchors. Just like the stadiums in Kaliningrad, three stadiums in Moscow, Volgograd, Saransk and Rostov.

Rostov Stadium

Stadiums are getting ready for soccer fans!

September 13, 2016

Väre - The university campus made with the world-class structure

I had a great opportunity to visit an university campus building site last week in Espoo, near Helsinki, Finland.
The building site was very clean and tidy, despite the fact that the structure was very, very complex. The frame structure of this campus building was done with precast columns, hollow-cores and Peikko's DELTABEAM.
Please see below part of a layout drawing, where the green lines represent the Deltabeams, supporting the hollowcores. Very demanding structure, but still done efficiently with precast! Fantastic design!

More info on Väre campus you may see at 

August 4, 2016

Car Park For Residential Building in Eastern Finland

In July our family visited my wife’s relatives in the city of Joensuu in Eastern Finland.  One cousin of my wife had a nice wedding and we stayed in the old, wooden family farm dating from more than 100 years ago. My parents-in-law had also just moved to a new apartment in the city centre of this small city – and to my surprise, Peikko’s Deltabeam were in use.

In the centre of four residential buildings there was a car park under construction, with Deltabeam and hollow-core structure. If the structure would have been made cast-in-situ, most probably the spans would have required a post-tensioning crew to do the job. If the structure would have been made with precast concrete beams most probably the construction company would have been in need to dig and remove another 0.5 meters of ground away -> when considering the whole area this would been quite expensive exercise, particularly as the land fill sites would have been very far away.

Looks like the Deltabeams served a nice purpose, and I hope my father-in-law is happy to park his car under one of the beams his son-in-law sells!

May 23, 2016

Details make the construction work faster

I had an opportunity to visit a multi-story building site of a large hospital where Peikko has delivered its composite frame, both Deltabeams and composite columns. In that building site there were a number of nice details see, greatly minimizing the assembly time of the project.

First of all, together with its beam/column deliveries Peikko had provided a leave-in-place steel  plate for pipe sections, see below. No safety fencing required, the places of the piping will be cut with plasma just afterwards. Estimate was that in this kind sections it would have taken weeks of manpower to do the sections in the traditional way.

Secondly, Deltabeams had built-in connections for concrete facade elements.

Thirdly, Deltabeams had built-in connections for balcony slabs.

Easy, integrated solutions!

May 9, 2016

Deltabeam assembly on-going in St Pölten, Austria

Have a look at the pictures from Sankt Pölten, near the capital of Vienna in Austria, where a 15.500 m2 of residential area is under construction, constructed with Peikko's  DELTABEAMS.

April 19, 2016

Great hospital, great new buildings coming

One of my Peikko colleague had a very unfortunate situation, when his 1-year-old child had medical problems and had to be taken into one of the central hospitals of Finland, the University Hospital of Tampere.  In the hospital my colleague was allowed to sleep the night with his child, and guess what he saw from the window of the hospital room? Peikko’s DELTABEAMS®

Peikko is currently delivering DELTABEAMS® to the Tampere University Hospital TAYS extension called “ETUPIHA”, built by the construction company SRV. We are proud to be involved in this hospital project. 

The enclosed picture was taken by my colleague, who sent it to his Peikko friends stating that “Even when I am in a hospital with my sick child, I still see just DELTABEAMS® in front of me!!!!"

April 14, 2016

Which one would you choose? A truss or a DELTABEAM?

Peikko has been part of constructing a shopping mall called ISO OMENA in Espoo, Finland. The construction has been done in several phases, and the last phase was given to Peikko to deliver from the construction company SKANSKA.

In the phase that Peikko delivered, even in the case of very high loadings, Peikko's DELTABEAMS were used, and the beams had a height up to 700 mm/ 70 cm. 

Due to the contracting of various phases, the phase that Peikko's products were used were in part fully joined with the earlier phase, made by another building method by another company.

Please see below a sample of this kind of section where on the left you can see (in dark grey) competitor's solution, and the right (in white), the bottom flange of Peikko's DELTABEAM. 

Which ceiling part one looks better? :-)